RideOhio Roadside Assistance

After a great deal of debate, we have finally settled on a way for stranded members to get some assistance while on the road.

If you look in your User CP you will find some new fields that you can fill in when you click on the "edit your details" field.  Scroll to the bottom and you should see this:

These fields will be used to generate an emergency contact list that can only be seen by the moderators that have volunteered to be a contact point.

This is how it will work:

If you run into a problem on the road you use your cell phone to text to "help@rideohio.org".  The server will do several things once this message is sent.  First, it will send a text back to your phone to let you know that the message has been recieved and is being passed on.  Next, the server will forward your message via email and text messaging to each of the moderators who have volunteered to help.  They will call you back to find out what type of help it is that you need, and then they will go to the list on the board and see if they can find somebody who can help you.  Once they find someone they will contact that person and give them your cell phone number so arrangements can be make.

This can be used for more than just asking for a jump start or things like that.  Maybe you need to find out where the nearest Harley dealer is, or maybe you just need a tow truck.  Feel free to use this for any bad situation you find yourself in.  If there is anything we can do to help we will do it.  

Feel free to test the system by sending a text message to "help@rideohio.org", but make sure you include the word test in the message so we will know that it is just a test.

Here is how to volunteer to help others:

First you must fill out the new fields on your profile.  Only moderators will be able to see these fields, so you do not have to worry about having your phone number displayed on the interwebs.

Once those fields are filled out, send Tank a private message and let him know that you want to be added to the emergency contact list.