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Old 03-21-2010
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Default Day 454 – 8th March, 2010

Monday – Albany, Western Australia

I needed to get some tyres today, so after a quick breakfast I said bye to the other two riders as they were heading to Perth before Albany.

Of course I ended up not finding any tyres, both shops had none but could order some in, but I decided I would ride on south to Esperance on the coast, there would be more chance there I reckon. So much for the rumours of tyres in this town! It was only 200kms to Esperence and of course I had a small rain event on the way, but once there I found no tyres here either. Nor when I tried could I get an internet account to work with the ISP I wanted, bummer. But, I did find some brand new batteries for the SPOT, and once again I found that the red light would flash pretty much straight away, so it looked like I had a faulty unit

So, after a quick snack for lunch I headed west again and decided to right on to Albany, like I had much choice, but the tyre was holding up OK. I found more and more riders on the road and even a large group who as I have noticed in the past ride to close to each other which makes passing difficult and dangerous, especially as they are under the posted speed limit!

But, eventually late afternoon I arrived in Albany and my first stop as I happened to be passing them, was a Hardly Normal, where I spent an hour or so with the patient girl there, trying to arrange internet with the modem I had from last year. I was told in the end to try it in an hour or so and it should work, so I maybe could be on the net soon

The next step was to find the AGM check in site and this was easy as it was fully signposted along the highway. Check in was quick, I had prepaid online and asked for my documents to be held here at the desk and it was

Next step was to find a tent site, I rode around the campgrounds for a while, but did not spot anyone I knew, so I just picked a vacant spot near a fence(a good place for a midnight walk) and set up camp.

Of course once I was set up, I bumped into someone I knew very well, Des from Cairns, we had been to Darwin, and to the Philippines and sailed a boat up the east coast, so socialising looked to be off to a good start He is now part of the trailer trash community; he would not have done this but had suffered a stuffed back from a silly prank played on him by a friend.

I headed off over to the bar at the hokker where there was music while he was setting up his mansion and bumped into a few people I knew and some I didn’t

Eric and Alison were a couple I met on my trip around Oz the other year, I had stopped at their place and wired up some farkles on his strom, nice to see you again. Ted was a chap who had found my website from someone else and was an avid reader during my travels, he just happened to spot me as I walked past and so I stopped for a chat, nice to meet you finally Ted After that, as it was getting quite cold, I grabbed a few beers and snuck them past the beer nazis(the security chaps at the gate stopping alcohol entering and leaving) and went for a few beers with Des and the clan from Cairns. He has been travelling with another 2 blokes for ages and was not in a hurry to get home apparently.

It was not a late night and at the prices they were charging for beer at the event, I would need to find a better solution, but that was for tomorrow, after I sort out tyres!

Day –699 km and 434 miles
Trip –4,465 km and 2,775 miles



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