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Old 01-05-2012
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Default Northern Ohio Ducati Triumph (formerly crooked river)

I have a 07 Triumph Speed Triple. I put a competition werkes pipe on the bike. To re-tune the ecu I bought a TuneBoy Tuner. When I hooked up the tuner I did not put the bike on the charger. There was a voltage drop while I was uploading the tune. This caused a glitch in the ecu and the bike would not start. I could not use the recover from a failed download tool, because the ecu would not communicate with my laptop at all.
I was not aware of the voltage drop yet. I took the gas tank off to look for a wiring problem. Since the bike was in my living room I put the gas tank on my back porch. That night some worthless inbreed a-hole stole the tank.
I called the insurance company and a dealer. The insurance company (nationwide) covered the tank and all the internals.
I had already called Northern Ohio Ducati Triumph. They told me they were a tuneboy dealer, They said the could fix it.
6-25-11 I took the bike to the Northern Ohio Ducati Triumph. They use to be crooked river cycles.
The service manager had a good reputation when they were crooked river.
The service manager told me it would take about a week to get the parts.
I call back a week later. They said they just got the check from the insurance company and they were just then ordering parts. The service manager also told me they plugged my bike into there diagnostics equipment, and they fixed the ecu and it would be covered under a tuneboy warranty.
I called back a week later (approx 7-9-11) The service manager said some of the parts came in but the fuel pump that they got was the wrong one and the right one was back ordered but it would be in soon. I don't remember the exact details but I know he gave me a few different dates of when the pump was coming in, and of course it never came. We talked about me buying a used one just to get me back on the road. He said he would call a few places and get back to me. I did some research on my own and I found one at a local used parts place (pinwall cycles). I e-mailed the service manager the link to the part. He called me the next day and said there are three fuel pumps available for my bike. And I had found the OTHER wrong pump. I still have this voice mail saved on my phone.
Meanwhile I called triumphs north American headquarters. They are very nice and helpful there. They said it would be stateside in another two weeks, the it would have to go through customs.
7-22-11 I looked through my service manual and I realized the service manager lied to me about the three fuel pumps. SO, I went to the used bike parts place. I bought the fuel pump that the service manager said wouldn't work. I took it to the dealer, gave it to the mechanic, and gave the service manager a line of b.s. about where I got it. The mechanic said it was the right one. The next day (Thursday) I called and they said my bike was done. They just wanted to check my tuneboy software. I raced down to the dealer. The service manager said they still had to load the new tune into it. I asked him why he told me it was running,when it wasn't. The owner came over and I told him about the ecu not communicating with the software, and I told him about the bike not starting because of it. Also I told him that was why I brought it to the dealer in the first place. He plugged it into the triumph computer, it wouldn't communicate with their computer either. I had my laptop and cable there, They couldn't get my lap top to communicate with the bike. After they spent a lot of time trying to get the bike to communicate with either computer. The owner said he was going to contact tuneboy about the problem and he was going to contact a tuneboy rep who was also the tuneboy programer about the problem. I then told the owner about the service manager. I told him about the manager lying about the number of fuel pumps, I played him the voicemails, I told him about me buying the used fuel pump that the manager said was the wrong one, I told him about how I contacted triumph's HQ in Georgia about when the pump was being shipped, I told him about the manager telling me the ecu was already fixed and there would be no charge because it was a tuneboy warranty issue, and I told him about all the times the manager lied to me about all the times that the parts were coming in. I then told the owner that I wasn't looking for a discount or free stuff, I just wanted my bike back. He said all that info didn't fall on def ears. He also said the ecu may be scrambled and I might have to buy a new one. After two more days I called and the owner said they had not heard from the tuneboy programmer. SO I got a trailer and went and took my bike. When I was loading it onto the trailer the mechanic came out and asked the owner if I was taking it. The owner said yes. The mechanic threw his hands up and said the tank wasn't even bolted down and they didn't have the gas cap bolts yet. That baffled me even more as to why the service manager said the bike was fixed.
I took the bike to Ohio Motorcycle. (http://www.ohiomotorcycle.calls.net/). It had to sit for a week due there back log. They told me the ecu was bricked. I figured that was the problem so I had bough a used one. Ohio motorcycle installed it and programed a “Triumph Off-Road Tune” into it. They charged me about $225 in labor.
I was without a bike for about 6 weeks.
8-11-11 I sent the original ecu, and tuneboy tuner to TuneBoy. I had been keeping them posted the whole time.
I had to keep bugging them but they eventually said the fixed the ecu and they sent the ecu and a new model tuner back to me on 10-20-11. I haven't tried it yet. I do have a spare ecu now, so if the tuneboy bricks the ecu again I am prepared. However I haven't gotten to it yet.
I am writing this because I want to make people aware of the problems I had with Northern Ohio Ducati Triumph. Maybe I just had a bad experience with them, but I hear a lot of bad stories about them from other people. However I don't know have any way to verify those stories so I won't put them on the net. If we ever meet in person I will be happy to tell you them over a beer.
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